Privacy Terms & Cs.

How we use your Information

CUT Computers PTY Ltd. uses your contact information primarily to:
• Contact you regarding booking of a repair or other IT service.
• Inform you concerning the progress of the repair.
• Letting you know when the repair or upgrade has been completed.
We need your login and password to access your computer to undertake the work that is required. We also need to access your computer to check that the repair has been successful.
Your information will only be used (for the above purposes) by CUT Computers staff and our select few handpicked and trustworthy sub-contractors. We do not share your personal information with any other third parties including businesses, organizations and individuals.
The non-personal identifiable information we collect regarding your visit to our website is used only in an amalgamated form. It is used by us internally to use to improve user website experience. We use the information to gauge traffic to our website and assess trends in usage etc. This is commonly undertaken practice by many businesses with websites. This information will only be used by the owners of CUT Computers PTY Ltd.

Managed Services

As a MSP (Managed Service Provider) we monitor any unusual activity which could compromise your security and privacy. We monitor hardware health which indicates there are potential issues. We check security protocols MDR (Manage Detect & Responce) and notify you asap on suggestions and updates. These need to be taken seriously in proventing any loss of data or security breaches.

Our Right of Refusal

We reserve the right of refusal for any repair or IT services job that for any reason. We do not have to provide an explanation for this refusal.

Illegal Activity

If we suspect that a computer provided to us for repair is stolen property it is our legal responsibility to report our suspicions to the appropriate authorities. It is also our legal responsibility to report any other illegal activity that is discovered as part of the computer repair process. This includes any videos, photos or correspondence related to child pornography, domestic abuse and rape etc.

Privacy of your Information

CUT Computers ensure the privacy of your information. We will never copy personal information, software and files which are outside the requirements of the repair job. Nor would we copy any information without a client’s consent. All backups made as required for repairs, data retrieval, and new computer builds etc. will be destroyed once the necessary use has been made of them. Except for the copy that we provide to you, the client.

Policy Changes

We reserve the right to make changes to our policy. Should this occur we will update this Privacy Policy and publish it on our website.

Feedback and Contact Information

If you have any questions or concerns about any part of our Privacy Policy please contact us. We would appreciate your input into our Privacy Policy. Any suggestions or recommendations would be welcome. Please contact us